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Mod Development Stream Overview

At the start of the stream we showed some pre-alpha footage in our stream trailer video which you can take a look at below. Within this you can see the basic render functions our mod developers have discovered and implemented. Some of these functions included were spawning of trucks, working lights for everyone, visual interiors & syncing of trucks. Of course we have many more features to implement like sounds, wheel movement, trailers and more but that is soon to come.
If you missed our latest Twitch stream, don't you worry! In this little blog post we will let you know what you missed and if you're not a fan of reading... That's okay, check out our stream VOD here!

  • After this, we had a drive with many of the HGVMP Staff on our server to show the syncing of trucks live. Whilst driving we were answering many of your long awaited questions while giving answers that were not misleading. There were many questions we couldn't answer for definite like "How many servers do you plan to have?" however, this is something that is yet to be decided. At first we want to get the main code sorted.

If you missed your opportunity to ask your questions, don't you worry! You can head over to our discord and ask them there!

Official Dev Stream - 07.07.2019

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