Website v1.1

Website v1.1's banner

After nearly two months we are proud to release the new update of our website, the version 1.1.

This version includes a lot of improvements on the server side of the website and a couple of changes for the public side like:

  • Fix spellings on some error texts or menus
  • Improve the visual of our team page and fix the order of the roles appearing there
  • Fix crash when using the recruitment form
    Reduce opacity on the profile banner
    Remove errors in the console
    Add captcha on our contact forms
  • You're surprised!
    Rephrase the error message about ETS2 playtime check when registering
    Fix the design of the profile settings
    Add warning about the cooldown when deleting your account: Once you make the request you have 24h to login back on the website to cancel the process. Once that time is passed your profile and the associated data are removed from our system (Are only kept data about your punishments and your SteamID, as authorized by the GDPR, to not let you evade a punishment) and you can't recreate one before 15days
    Add link to our status page in header and footer
    Improve the design of the emails
    Use our new logos
    Add our Terms of services
    Add our video trailer on the homepage

We are working now on adding for features on the website and are always happy to get suggestions and feedback from you so don't hesitate to join our Discord guild

Happy trucking to all of you,
The web team @ HGVMP

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