Frequently Asked Questions

HGVMP is a multiplayer modification tool and community for the popular trucking simulation, Euro Truck Simulator 2. Experience the life of a trucker with friends and family, delivering good all over Europe and progressing your career with every successful delivery whilst taking in the breath-taking views along your many journeys.
At this current moment in time, you are unable to download our client. The project is still in development, and although we feel very confident in the progress being made, the modification is a complex solution to build.
Every now and then we will open up recruitment for positions we feel are necessary. All recruitment posts are shared through our Discord server and social media, so keep an eye out if you would like to join us!
If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact the correct member of the team, click here to see the team page.
For all other questions or enquiries, please contact a Project Manager.
This is something that we are consistently looking at and tweaking all the time. One thing we can say that's solid is that there will be a minimum requirement of 200 hours played to be able to download the mod. This requirement check will also be at runtime to prevent people bypassing it.

Further to this, once someone is banned from the HGVMP servers for reaching the points limit on their licence, they can appeal their case which will be reviewed by certain Team Leaders, Community or Project Managers to ensure a fair ban system (e.g. your ban won't be reviewed by the person who gave you the points that caused your ban). If it's decided that the ban is legitimate, then they will be blacklisted from the servers and won't be allowed to play on the HGVMP servers from the same location in the future. Essentially, once banned, you're banned.
Initially, we will only be supporting the 64bit client for Euro Truck Simulator 2. There are a few reasons for this decision, though the biggest for us is that we only have a small development team able to work on the project in their spare time. We are sorry for not supporting American Truck Simulator from the start, though we may add support for this title in the future.